Making of a Master Piece


My DA is a video essay with some entertainment sprinkled in to be posted on YouTube for people to engage with and spark up a conversation on whether the quality of video games has increased or fallen over the years.


This project will exist as a YouTube video for people to enjoy, analyse and give their own feedback and thoughts on the topic I mention.


My projects progress is mainly private apart from the games I intend to play. Although I am no longer ranking and reviewing games but rather just going through different genres of games and comparing on my own accord, [people can still get involved when I livestream these games on my twitch channel


Obviously as the project is fully online, anyone can access the final product and join in when it comes to me streaming the games. The community can express their ideas and opinion whenever and wherever they like, and I could take that into consideration when making the final video


I will be interacting with friends and fans that I have already accumulated over the years on both my YouTube and Twitter. with my knowledge of video tags, titling and thumbnails I will be able to connect with even more people when finishing the project if the intend on searching anything related to my video


The process that I’m going through is very systematic but yet also incredibly chaotic. The amount of footage, b-roll, equipment  and skills that I need or have already obtained are honestly pretty insane but in the end am hoping to bring something that not only the viewer can enjoy but also reflect and engage on .

Here’s an example of what a simpler video kind of looks when when edited by me.
(that’s only a little segment of a 16minute video I’ve done for a client)

Who knows, this might turn into a returning video project on the channel if it receives the right interactions

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