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Do Video Games Suck?

James Mackay

I am doing a project that has me looking into video games and creating a video essay on, “Are Video Games these days Bad?”

My intention with this project is to dive deep into two eras of video games and attempt to see if the quality of video games has increased or not.

The way I intend on coming to this conclusion is by choosing 3 similar styled games from both eras, play them out over on my twitch channel and give them a rating overall.

When rating the games, I’m going to be looking at the games on at very base level as though I am simulating my opinions from the point of view of a very casual gamer for two main reasons.
First reason is that I on a time constraint and only have so much time to complete this project, I don’t have all the time in the world to stream, play through and examine to an extreme measure 6 different games

Second reason is for the audiences sake. Now even though this video essay will be directed at gamers, not everyone cares about the “nity grity” of games and kind of just want a general synopsis of the games and conclusion that I am going to make for this video essay.

My game plan is to take each step of the process one step at a time so that I put all my focus into what I am supposed to be doing until the end when it comes to editing and filming the video. Due to my expertise and experience with editing and filming project that process won’t take up too much of my time where on the other hand, finding resource material for a topic like this may be harder than expected so that’s why I’ve allowed more time to find those materials and analyse them.


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  1. hey, hey! i really like the angle you’re going with here, and it seems that you have pre-existing understanding and interest in this topic which is great. I loved the data you have provided, it breaks up the text nicely.

    I do think though that this topic its very broad. this of course isnt a bad thing as it gives you a lot of room to work with but i think providing examples of specific games will be helpful. also what defines the different eras? are we working with a timeline and breaking that into sections?

    I like how you’ve noted “the way I intend on coming to this conclusion is by choosing 3 similar styled games from both eras”, because this does allow us a further understanding of where this analysis will be coming from. for example pitting two different games that aren’t remotely similar would make less sense of course. again though, I think what would make this really catching for an audience is to give examples so we can make our own connections. this will probably gain interest too because most people are very opinionated with the games they like/dislike and they’ll be curious to see how you rank them and if they agree or not.

    Click to access reynolds_ethics.pdf

    maybe some more connections to the lectures and class work as well will be interesting to develop your analysis as well.

    I really do love this idea! the idea of putting games up against one another and “battling them out” is great, i think being more specific will just push your work further.Β  πŸ™‚


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