The Start of Something New… Sort of

This semester I have yet again chosen to make a Video Essay to be put up my YouTube channel. Last time I did a video like this it sparked a good amount of conversations and was the most audience retention and variety of comments I had even received.

There are two main goals with this project:

1: Is to spark conversation, I am very aware that my impact on the gaming scene is little to none due to my smallish presence but with that online following that I have at the disposal I can speak to and begin to implant the idea of “what we want gaming to be like in the next couple of years”

2: Is growth. I really enjoy making videos and being able to build something and see it grow is really cool. With me slowing making these videos more often, I am hoping to not only attract a new audience but expand my current audience’s horizons with new a new style of video content that they too will hopefully enjoy

The hardest part of this project will be the on the research side of things. The gaming industry always showcases their new games months (sometimes years) before they get released so I can already have a headstart into understanding where the gaming industry is thinking of going. As for understanding gaming culture and attmepting to look into the poetential future there is the hard part. The gaming world flips itself on its head every couple of months when some new game comes out or if something about the “Metaverse” is brought up so trying to figure out what the gaming sphere is going to think about future games and other gaming related products is going to be hard.

I will have to dig far into the past to see how they reacted to previous tech such as VR headsets and other ground breaking tech.

Another thing I learnt last time is that making a schedule to help organise when you do certain tasks in the project is super helpful, but doesn’t need to be crazy elaborate, especially for a task like this where there really are only 4-5 major tasks there are to do

(as you can see from the picture to the left)

I am excited to see what I can learn from creating this project and interested in the insight it’ll give me into the already evolving gaming sphere.

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    1. Hi James

      Hope you are doing well. The first thing I realized when watching your Video Essay on youtube was that you have 2.7k subscribers. That’s amazing and I’m very sure it took a lot of effort and determination to get those numbers. You already have the target audience that is interested in your niche.

      Throughout watching your video essay, I would recommend you to use some graphics that will also help your viewers to have some visualizations to follow along during your presentation. This will be very engaging. I would definitely recommend Canva. It’s very simple and easy to use.

      It definitely makes sense why you would like to continue with your previous DA as I’m sure you have accumulated a lot of knowledge and also regained a lot of feedback from previous tutors.
      I had to go through a previous youtube upload to have knowledge of your previous DA. I, therefore, think you should have done a little bit of recap of this in the first 30 seconds of your video this would have let it flow nicely. I would also suggest maybe using the and discussing a little bit more of the lecture topics
      Here are some links to the gaming sector and its future
      Above is an article from Forbes and it brings a deeper understanding of the gaming industry and its future.
      Here is also another link from Quartz which I find
      to be an excellent article and relates very well to your pitch

      Overall your topic is definitely related to BCM325 Future Cultures as gaming and technology are becoming very prominent in the society we live in.


  1. Hey James,
    Your DA about the future of gaming is such a great idea! I think utilising your past DA’s is going to be super beneficial for your feedback loop and your audience engagement.
    I really like how you have 2 clear goals in mind and I find them both to be quite achievable and relevant to your DA’s purpose of focusing on the future and using your current channel to grow. The following you have at the moment is one that not many DA’s I have seen get over the course of doing a BCM degree and so I think for this subject you already have a great head start. I also really like how you have identified where you have gone wrong in the past, this is going to help you ensure that you do not repeat these and will assist you in creating your best DA yet.
    The future of gaming is something that a large audience will be interested in so I would recommend trying to find your niche within the gaming, maybe ask yourself – what genre of video games am I most interested in looking into? This will not only help you find an audience but will also help you with your research and what you are looking for to create video content on.
    Another point that really stood out to me while reading your blog was how when a new game is released the gaming society goes crazy over the game. This is something you could also look into the future about – will the excitement of new games being released be higher or lower? How will new games in the industry change the way the gaming world is shaped? You could also look into potential new consoles. What will they look like? What will they do? What are the consoles of today missing that future consoles should have? I found this article that could be worth checking out!
    I am really looking forward to seeing where your DA takes you!
    – Ruby


  2. Hi James! I am amazed to see that you have 2.71k subscribers on your YouTube platform, amazing! It is a very good choice if you want to continue the previous DA, because you have accumulated a lot of experience and it is very helpful for this DA, as you said, you already know your audience very well, which is convenient for you to do later test. First of all, the theme of the game is very attractive. Secondly, your goals for the project are very clear, and it is closely related to the theme of BCM325, the sci-fi future style is considered together with the future of the game. You also clearly pointed out that what you need to consider is the short-term future five years later, which meets the requirements of this DA. It’s important that you reflect on previous projects at the end. All in all, you did a great job and I am learning from you!


  3. Hello James, as a fellow gamer myself, I can definitely see why you’ve decided to continue following this specific niche. I like your methodology, it follows the typical process of play, research, script, post content, repeat. I also liked the presentation of your video, although not considered to be a major factor, the production value was quite good, and your level of speech and clarity were very well done. Furthermore, as I would say that your feedback loop is clear, precise and you have a convenient guide that you’ve created for others. However, there are two criticisms that I noticed fairly quickly. Firstly, although the production value of your video was good, I felt that the first minute of the video was wasted as I wasn’t aware of what your prior DA was. I think you should have addressed what your DA was first and then speak about retention, impressions, etc. The second thing that I noticed is that you did not provide any references at all. This means that I don’t know if you reflected on any of the subject lectures, provided readings or if you had done any background research that I can go through.

    As your DA is centred around the next few years of gaming, something that piqued my interest was the concept of Cloud Gaming. It’s basically where you can play any sort of game using any type of hardware. A system like this can have consumers who aren’t cost friendly have the potential to widen the range to where people are willing and able to play games.

    Mariano, B, Koo, SGM, 2015 Seventh International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks, 2015-07, p.969-972.
    The link I’ve provided is also from the UOW library.

    Another interesting source that I found centres around Game Production Studies. The book speaks on the importance of the topic when the general public’s awareness on video game production. How it relates to developing communities and the goal of looking into the cultural, political and economic side of things.
    Banks, J., 2021. GAME PRODUCTION STUDIES. 1st ed. [S.l.]: AMSTERDAM UNIVERSITY PRE, p.29.


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